The cellist Anıl Eraslan and the violinist Ruben Tenenbaum accepted positively the invitation of the bassist Vincent Posty to take over the string trio. Inspired by the classical and contemporary heritage as well as free improvisation or traditional music they create with their original compositions a music of their own. Written, improvised, in gestation, Kemik Trio’s music is the fruit of their personalities, those of three musicians who desire to free themselves from musical genres.



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Cine-Concert”: Häxan, Witchcraft Through the Ages.

Released in 1922, HÄXAN remains a stunning film by the modernity it carries. Indeed, Benjamin Christensen establishes a parallel between the medieval inquisition and worst excesses in the field of psychiatry in the early 20th century.

Blending composition and improvisation Kemik Trio offers an original and personal comment on this “UFO” among silent films.




Vincent Posty

Vincent Posty  - Double Bass and Composition

He graduated from Strasbourg Conservatory in the Improvised Music and classical double bass  departments. He plays since 2003 in ZAKARYA, a Klezmer/Jazzcore quartet. Zakarya’s five albums produced by John Zorn’s label Tzadik. He plays in several bands like Ivrim, Ovale (MUSEA Label), Electrik Gem, Hijaz Car… Always between writing and improvisation, jazz, rock, traditional music… He works with the street theatre company Les Clandestines on an Italian folk songs repertoire (“Via” and “Lontano” shows) and often works with dancers for improvised dance and music performances (Somebody company). He performed concerts with musicians such as Guillaume Orti, Markus Stockhausen, Pitom, Stephan Oliva… He played in many festivals and clubs in France (Ajmi, Astrolab, Petit Faucheux, Festival Jazz d’Or, Meteo, Jazz à Vienne…) and abroad (Bimhuis Amsterdam, Porgy and Bess Vienna, Area Sismica Italy…).



Anıl Eraslan – Cello and Composition


He first graduated from Ankara’s Fine Arts High School before Strasbourg Conservatory. He uses in his work both eastern and western cultures melting classical and contemporary music, jazz and traditional music. He creates in 2008 Auditive Connection dedicated to fusion of traditional music and improvisation. He currently plays with the band Ovale, John Lindberg, Sumru Ağıryürüyen, Jeanne Barbieri, Ayse Tütüncü, Eric Groleau, Sylvain Kassap and regularly performs with Linea Ensemble. He is associated artist of l’Illiade Theatre (Illkirch-Graffenstaden) for the 2012-2013 season and also CEAAC’s artist in residence in Berlin. He follows in parallel a photographer carrer.




Ruben EO2

Ruben Tenenbaum – Violin and Composition


Attracted to music in his young age, he first learned classical violin. After he discovered eastern music, he traveled and settled in Istanbul. There, he studied violin with Serdar Pazarcıoğlu and Kemal Demir, spent a lot of time in Necati Çelik’s musical meetings and Istanbul’s musical societies. Although he performs a lot ottoman music and rebetiko, he doesn’t neglect research in new sounds and forms and goes on exploring composition and improvised music. He regularly performs in France, Belgium, Turkey with Lâmekân (Tristan Drissens, Robbe Kieckens), Mehtap (Lior Blindermann) Zografi (Cyrille Auchapt, Gürkan Özkan)…

04/05/17 – Ausstellungsraum des Büro für Brauchbarkeit, Köln

03/05/17  – Alte Mitte, Essen

02/05/17 –  Lokal Harmonie, Duisburg

01/05/17 – La Senne, Bruxelles

30/04/17 – Oûy Festival, Liège

03/04/16 – Concert – Kunsthaus Aussersihl, Zürich

20/03/16 – Concert – MultiRAID, Istanbul

06/03/16 – Concert – Salons de l’Hôtel de Ville, Nancy

05/03/16 – Concert – Stimultania, Strasbourg

11/08/15 – Musical Reading, “The Truce” by Primo Levi – Taps Scala, Strasbourg

11/12/14 – Ciné-Concert Häxan – L’Illiade, Illkirch

09/11/2014 – Concert- Jazzdor, Wissembourg

31/10/2014 – Ciné-Concert Häxan – Mediathèque, Vendenheim

10/09/2014 – Ciné-Concert Häxan – Jazz Off, Colmar

12/07/2014 – Ciné-Concert Häxan – Les Arts en Liberté, Saint-Dié-des-Vosges

13/05/2014 – Concert – Hall des Chars, Strasbourg

18/01/2014 – Ciné-Concert Häxan – Hall des Chars, Strasbourg

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